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[update] The Drinkometer (or, if you prefer, the drink-o-meter 😉 ) can now be found right here. Have fun 🙂

Remember the drink-o-meter that we used to have on our old site? Well our friends at Ion Design still have it hosted on their site if anyone’s interested. Seems like an appropriate time of year for that sort of thing 🙂

I’ll add it back on our site at some point, but for now here it is:

What is your ranking?




Err, sorry to anyone who was trying to register themselves on the site. I managed to stuff up the new member registration section fairly royally! Anyway, it’s back working again, and I’ve added a little bit of Ajax type stuff to check the availability of usernames in realtime.

Have fun 🙂


We have liftoff!!

Alright – the Beta version of the site is now up on running! In case you didn’t know, you can find it here.

All very exciting. Still a bunch of small and larger things to do, but I did manage to get the member login and registration stuff back alive again, which was kind of interesting given how deeply entangled it all was with the forum previously.

Anyway, take a look, let us know what you think, any errors / issues / problems / suggestions etc. We’d love to hear from you!

What happens next? Fixes, more testing and tuning, updating some seriously out-of-date content, and then back onto features early in the New Year.

Have a great Xmas!!



So why are we putting the site back up in ‘Beta’ mode? Aren’t we just following the trend of web 2.0 by doing that?

Well, yes, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint) that does put us in that category. The fact is though that so much has changed within the site, and behind the scenes, that we need to run things in that mode and get some feedback, before going ‘Gold’. It also means that during the Beta period there will be certain functionality that is locked down or limited, so that we can monitor it. We’ve also moved hosting environments, databases etc etc, so there’s a lot that could blow-up in a public environment.

The plan is to run the Beta until around the end of Jan 2007, at which point there will be an official v3.0 release of the site.

And .. it’s a little naughty but there simply wasn’t time to do everything we needed for this weeks release, so it buys us some time too 🙂

Any feedback on the site, issues, suggestions etc, please use the ‘About Us‘ page. Thanks in advance.


Travel Monkey

Just finished a two week stint in London catching up on the scene and being lead astray by Steve and Craig. By the way thank you boys for coming out for a “quiet drink”. (Read all day carousing followed by all night). Now in Hong Kong to finalise the 40 new venues soon to populate the TC website and then down to Sydney to hook up with Paul (a true artisan, or artist or something) and discuss world domination with the newly beautified and technobabbled resurrected website which will be unleashed on the unsuspecting world very very soon…


Benson and Hedges? Hedges And Butler?

Hedges And Butler
3 New Burlington Mews W1

Hedges And Butler was established in London in 1667, as Hedges & Butler merchants of fine wines and spirits. First granted a Royal warrant by Queen Victoria in 1837, Hedges & Butler has been an official supplier to successive monarchs both British and foreign.

Then came along Youcef Aden a former movie art director who designed the costumes for Dynasty which probably answers the question as to why a 30 seat cinema also lives in this subterranean habitat. His aim was to set up a private members club which was actually affordable and open during the hours when the less well remunerated members of the industry finish work.
Lets get something straight though. Firstly you better know exactly where this place is else you’ll never know it was there. And secondly describing the place as affordable in this market place is interesting. Of course unlike Steve you don’t have to buy the magnum of Belle Epoque. But hey tired feet and the desire for a table…


One final push ..

One big final thing to upgrade – the members section .. yikes.

Anyway, we’re going to go live with a limited Beta (v3.0 of the site) which will probably have read-only membership functions using the old
members data for now. Likely with a limited registration process for new members for a short period until we’re post-Beta.

Most of the other areas for this first phase are now done. Just some major testing and performance tuning.

Realistic estimate .. out in around 7 days from now (man, I’m going to regret saying that!!!). This side of Xmas. Does that sound better? It does to me!