We’re back!

Hello friends!

It’s been a long time since we did anything with the Thursday Club site, and like some rusty old barge it was left rotting in the corner of the web while we carried on with our ‘normal’ lives.

Marriages, divorces, lost loved ones and overseas adventures had meant we sort of ‘moved on’ from the glory days of the Thursday Club. Aside from the fact that we weren’t living the lifestyle we once had, or were as close to each other as we had once been, the Web itself passed from vainglorious ‘it’s all about me’ content to ‘web 2.0’ style collaboration: networking, user-driven content, Ajax, mash-ups, RSS, everything always in Beta, digg me up and put my life on Flickr and YouTube for everyone to see. We were off doing our own thing, running other businesses and following other opportunities.

And yet .. always there in the background, like some omnipresent shadow was this .. thing .. this monster we’d created that didn’t want to go away. It came out at parties, or after a few drinks. The Thursday Club cards were still being played, and in our minds, no matter where we went, or who with, we were always scoring the venue, always keeping a secret little list of places on post-it notes and airline stationery. Just in case ….

As the World turns, so it seems we have come full circle. Older, maybe wiser, fatter (ok, I am) but bizarrely back in the game. Sure, our priorities are different now, but for whatever reason (pre mid-life crisis perhaps?) the hunger has returned. And with that, we’ve decided to spruce the old girl up and get things back on track again.

So, we’re going to repaint, refresh, update and enhance the site. We’ve got a long list of places to add to it, and we’re going to make it all much more collaborative. More in future blogs about the exact plans, but needless to say we’re excited to be back on it again, and hope we can count on as much support and help as we received first-time around. This time we’re all in it together 🙂


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