Site update

At the risk of this starting to sound like a geek blog, I thought I’d post an update on site progress.

Last night I re-created the TC database on our new server, and uploaded all the data from the previous site (reviews, venues, members etc). Seemed to go ok, although I think there’s some wacky data that needs cleaning up.

Loaded up all the site files to the web server, but by then it was getting v.late and I ran into some issues (related to the data quality I think) that i was too tired to look at 🙂 Will check that out later.

Given the old site was as good as dead anyway, I’ve just updated the DNS records to point to the new server, which means you should just get a holding page with a link to this blog from

That’s it for now. I can’t tell yet how quick the site will be once it’s up as I think I also need to change a fair bit of the crappy code on there and re-index the data. Joy!



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