Take a journey back in time

.. in the words of a Level 42 song (remember them?).

Thanks to the wonders of the ‘Wayback Machine’ you can see how we looked back in 2001 when we first launched the Thursday Club website. We’d actually been running things since 1999, but this is the first instance that shows up on the radar of the Internets.


Pretty nasty design wasn’t it? 🙂

Back in the days when all the content was hand-coded, which was fairly painful (and explained why it took so long to get new stuff up!).

Of course, we all still look exactly like our photos .. *ahem*.

This is a little snippet from the original ‘about us’ page. I might borrow that and use it again 😉

” So what exactly is the Thursday Club all about then?

One Thursday in late 1999, five friends had a night out in London. Nothing unusual about that, and even though we visited a few places in the one night, it was still a fairly normal night out.

Over the next few weeks we started to go out every Thursday, and seemed to fall in to the pattern of always trying to get into somewhere new. To try and see the places we’d all heard about, but thought were too ‘cool’, or too exclusive for us to get into. Hence, the Thursday Club was born!”


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