Who says it’s all pipe and slippers?

Karim sent me an email recently. He’s working in Hong Kong at the mo (I’m sure he doesn’t mind me telling you), and it sounds ‘terrible’ šŸ˜‰ … looks like a few new places to add to the site once it’s alive again!


This is what he said:

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha bonk!

Ok well this trip I’ve been to:
Red Bar (Four Seasons), Petra she was nice….
MO Bar (Mandarin Oriental)
Chater Lounge (Ritz), Glenda, she’s cute
Champagne Bar, Grand Hyatt
Stormies in Lan Kwai Fong, met Jimmy here, good view of the Fong
Armani Cafe, Bar and Night Club, nice ladies
Mes Amis, Wanchai
Dusk Til Dawn, Wanchai
Annex, LKF
Kee Club, LKF
Post 97 (and next door)
Drop, (Katherine was very friendly)
Wooloomooloo (Good restaurant and bar)
Boco (in Soho)
Tapas (in Soho)
Balaleika (vodka bar with walk in “fridge” type ice bar)
Peak Cafe (soho)
Feather Boa”


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