So why are we putting the site back up in ‘Beta’ mode? Aren’t we just following the trend of web 2.0 by doing that?

Well, yes, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint) that does put us in that category. The fact is though that so much has changed within the site, and behind the scenes, that we need to run things in that mode and get some feedback, before going ‘Gold’. It also means that during the Beta period there will be certain functionality that is locked down or limited, so that we can monitor it. We’ve also moved hosting environments, databases etc etc, so there’s a lot that could blow-up in a public environment.

The plan is to run the Beta until around the end of Jan 2007, at which point there will be an official v3.0 release of the site.

And .. it’s a little naughty but there simply wasn’t time to do everything we needed for this weeks release, so it buys us some time too 🙂

Any feedback on the site, issues, suggestions etc, please use the ‘About Us‘ page. Thanks in advance.


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