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1000 venue milestone

Just added venue number 1000 – woohoo 🙂

Oh, in case you’re wondering, it was The Argyle in Sydney. Pretty cool place in the rocks. Full review to follow unless someone beats us to it 😉


Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc …..


Just to let you know that the members section now allows you to associate your profile with various other sites such as LinkedIn, Digg, Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter etc (currently 10 sites).

So, if you’re keeping multiple personalities on multiple sites, you can link to them from your member homepage. You can also choose to show links to just your TC friends.

Working on tighter integration through the site APIs, but if you use Twitter, give it a whirl as that will automatically show your picture and current status message on your member page. Look out for the ‘networks’ tab.

You can see an example of this in action here

Did we miss any major networks? (netscape ..?)


Date for your diary

Looks like we may be on a mission to the Sydney Bar Show and Bar Awards ceremony on the 18th and 19th September. If it’s anything like the London Bar Show should be an interesting one 🙂

Member reviews

Well, it’s only taken us about 6 years and 3 versions of the site but there’s finally the ability for members to add reviews 🙂

Previously you could only add comments (you still can – this is available to non-members too). Now members can also add a fuller review, with scores for service, atmosphere, food, wyd etc. You can also add ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ facts along with a summary. Pretty much the same as a standard Thursday Club review.

These reviews show on the homepage and are all available from the venue page.

Still working on the ‘my reviews’ part of the members section, so just a link to the profile for the mo.

Over to you guys 🙂


Cybertwin. Come chat with the robot us!

Given that we often find coherent conversation tough to manage – especially after a large night out – the CyberTwin service seems particularly apt, and allows us to stay tucked up in bed too!

If you check out the Thursdayclub profile page (here), you’ll
find a link to our CyberTwin, who will do the talking on our behalf. We’ve trained the personality to be particularly rude, so should be an accurate reflection of the real thing 🙂

Nah, we’re quite nice really, but still happy to let roboto us take the load off 😉