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Speaking of travelling..

I think this may be quite an oldie, but I recently revisited to try out their ‘where in the World have you visited’ gizmo. I thought I’d been to a few places, but turns out I’ve only managed 13% of the world’s countries (29 of them). Here’s the map:

Only done 13%

You can see how you fare here. Looks like I need to start visiting some large countries (Russia?) to get that map coloured in!




In case you were wondering where we’d gone (which I’m sure you were ..right? right? 😉 ) it’s been a month of travelling for most of us here at TC, with a bit more to come.

Steve’s been on a bit of a far-east tour, taking in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore (where Karim and I caught up with him – hence the raft of new Singapore reviews all in one go 🙂 ). Karim’s been busy in Hong Kong, and I’m off to Denver and then Grenoble in a weeks time.

Quite a list of places to try in Denver, where we have a few venues, but no reviews. Could be a long week 🙂 As for Grenoble … well allegedly there is some life there after dark, but it’s just a flying visit, so we’ll see about that!

Later in the year, we should be updating Jakarta and Paris again, with maybe a swing through Bali if there’s time.

Of course, there’s only a small number of us and lots of you, so please keep adding those venues and reviews for all the places we can’t get to (i.e. about 99% of the world 😉 ).