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Discussion forum

Blowing the cobwebs off the old blog here a bit .. excuse the tardiness! Focus has been elsewhere a bit (ok, a lot!) but things are still happening with TC development.

We’ve just launched stage 1 of a new discussion forum system. The very old version of the site had one, but it was pretty much a stand-alone thing which meant it took a lot of focus away from the site itself.

This time around, the discussions are embedded with the site itself. For phase 1 these are in each of the city homepages (e.g under the ‘discussion’ tab.

All pretty simple stuff at the moment, but it’s nice and Ajaxy so doesn’t require page refreshes which will please the geeks amongst you 🙂

New topics and replies drive member update notifications for your status history too.

Future stuff will include re-editing and deleting posts, emoticons (maybe..) and a discussion homepage. Possibly embedding into other parts of the site too as it’s been written to be a fairly generic framework.

Now get posting 🙂