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Where is everyone?

Doh! Been a mad couple of weeks with everyone variously somewhere between Hong Kong, Sydney, Brisbane and London. Luckily Karim’s been doing his duty and updating Hong Kong for us. Bad news is development’s been ‘paused’, but we’ll get there. Actually not a lot to do pre-end of Beta, so bear with us. Plan now is for this weekend. I knew promising a date would get me in trouble 🙂

Some good coverage of the maps stuff though, so not all bad 😉



The end of Beta?

“Hey, so when are you guys coming out of Beta?”

Originally we had said the end of January, and we’ll be pretty close. Plan right now is to end the Beta program on the 10th Feb. So, not quite on time, but not as late as Vista was 😉


More more more

In the relentless quest to get everything sorted pre-end of Beta, we’ve added some long-awaited (by us anyway) features to the site today.

Firstly there’s now a ‘news, gossip & more’ section. This allows members to post information relating to anything from a new venue, celebrity spot, gossip, news, tips and tricks etc.
This can be posted when looking at a city page – about that city, or there’s a general news section at News shows up on the homepage, and it all uses some funky Ajax type stuff so you don’t have to worry about page reloads etc.

The news section kind of augments the old ‘suggest a venue’ section we had on the previous site, but gives a lot more flexibility in terms of being able to list other categories and self-publish.




Hello, and Happy New Year to you all!! I trust you had a good time over Christmas and the New Year. Karim and I were in Sydney, whilst Steve was relaxing in Portugal and Craig was deported from France due to lack of snow. Last heard of near London getting very drunk 🙂

It’s not all been fun and games though – there have been some changes to the site – and a couple that we need some help with.

Every venue now has an associated picture gallery. So if you got pics from the inside or outside of the venue, mad nights out there that you’d like to share, please add them. To do that, just go to the venue concerned, click ‘add your own pictures’ and then select whether you’d like to upload a picture, or link to an externally hosted picture (maybe you already have an account at somewhere like Flickr). You can also add a short comment so we know what it was you were doing when the picture was taken 🙂

The second thing is the ‘location video’. If you click on the ‘map’ tab when looking at a venue, it’s now possible to link to a video hosted on Google Video or YouTube (currently). We’d like to get some good location shots so that it makes it easier for people to find the venue. A quick pan of the local area, the walk from the station or main intersection – that kind of thing. There’s instructions available, and a sample video too.

Thanks for your contributions so far since the site came back alive again. We still haven’t done any form of publicity, other than this blog, until we’re happy with the quality, but please tell your friends about it 🙂

Cheers for now!


We have liftoff!!

Alright – the Beta version of the site is now up on running! In case you didn’t know, you can find it here.

All very exciting. Still a bunch of small and larger things to do, but I did manage to get the member login and registration stuff back alive again, which was kind of interesting given how deeply entangled it all was with the forum previously.

Anyway, take a look, let us know what you think, any errors / issues / problems / suggestions etc. We’d love to hear from you!

What happens next? Fixes, more testing and tuning, updating some seriously out-of-date content, and then back onto features early in the New Year.

Have a great Xmas!!



So why are we putting the site back up in ‘Beta’ mode? Aren’t we just following the trend of web 2.0 by doing that?

Well, yes, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint) that does put us in that category. The fact is though that so much has changed within the site, and behind the scenes, that we need to run things in that mode and get some feedback, before going ‘Gold’. It also means that during the Beta period there will be certain functionality that is locked down or limited, so that we can monitor it. We’ve also moved hosting environments, databases etc etc, so there’s a lot that could blow-up in a public environment.

The plan is to run the Beta until around the end of Jan 2007, at which point there will be an official v3.0 release of the site.

And .. it’s a little naughty but there simply wasn’t time to do everything we needed for this weeks release, so it buys us some time too 🙂

Any feedback on the site, issues, suggestions etc, please use the ‘About Us‘ page. Thanks in advance.