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That person in the toilets …

One of my pet peeves in any bar or club is that ‘person in the toilet’. You know the one, the ‘toilet attendant’ who turns on the tap for you and hands you a paper towel.

If you’re really lucky they’ll also have a fine selection of crappy fragrances and chewing gum. I hate those people!

London bars and clubs are infested with them (there is an urban rumour that they are actually mandated by the local council to help spy on drug use and the like), but they do pop up all over the world. Most of the time the loos are just as filthy as if there were nobody in them, and you end up running out rather than hand over your money (at least I do 🙂 ).

In asia, where there is a person, at least they are also cleaning. Although in some countries (esp Thailand) you may also find that your friendly toilet attendant also gives out shoulder massages and cricks your neck … while you are standing peeing! (for the men, obviously). All very strange.

I did hear that these people pay ‘rent’ to the clubs for their spot, and to be honest it’s not exactly a glamorous job, but it’s totally unecessary. Having been in Australia for a while now, I’m pleased to see that the phenomenon hasn’t really reached here yet – let’s please keep it that way.

Anyone actually like dealing with these people??


PS: Steve does crack me up in his dealings with the toilet folk though, including paying forward his fee for the whole evening (he didn’t have any change), and buying one of the bottles of dodgy aftershave because his lady friend liked the smell when he came back from the loo 😉


Benson and Hedges? Hedges And Butler?

Hedges And Butler
3 New Burlington Mews W1

Hedges And Butler was established in London in 1667, as Hedges & Butler merchants of fine wines and spirits. First granted a Royal warrant by Queen Victoria in 1837, Hedges & Butler has been an official supplier to successive monarchs both British and foreign.

Then came along Youcef Aden a former movie art director who designed the costumes for Dynasty which probably answers the question as to why a 30 seat cinema also lives in this subterranean habitat. His aim was to set up a private members club which was actually affordable and open during the hours when the less well remunerated members of the industry finish work.
Lets get something straight though. Firstly you better know exactly where this place is else you’ll never know it was there. And secondly describing the place as affordable in this market place is interesting. Of course unlike Steve you don’t have to buy the magnum of Belle Epoque. But hey tired feet and the desire for a table…