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Cybertwin. Come chat with the robot us!

Given that we often find coherent conversation tough to manage – especially after a large night out – the CyberTwin service seems particularly apt, and allows us to stay tucked up in bed too!

If you check out the Thursdayclub profile page (here), you’ll
find a link to our CyberTwin, who will do the talking on our behalf. We’ve trained the personality to be particularly rude, so should be an accurate reflection of the real thing 🙂

Nah, we’re quite nice really, but still happy to let roboto us take the load off 😉




Been an incredible amount of coverage of everything iPhone in the past couple of days. The Internets have been going crazy. It’s kind of rekindled some conversations we’ve been having for a while about real-time pics and video uploaded whilst you’re out at a venue. Imagine being able to see _right now_ how busy/cool/available a place is. I guess in a sense, a kind of mobile webcam, but in serious volume!

Anyway, the iPhone really probably doesn’t add too much to what a number of phones can probably do in that regard (save Wi-Fi – if the venue has it), so it’s something that’s back on our agenda. Need some thought on how to ensure the media is tagged to the right place .. but proper net browsing capabilities make that easier.

Watch this space .. we have a few months until iPhone launch anyway 🙂