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Discussion forum

Blowing the cobwebs off the old blog here a bit .. excuse the tardiness! Focus has been elsewhere a bit (ok, a lot!) but things are still happening with TC development.

We’ve just launched stage 1 of a new discussion forum system. The very old version of the site had one, but it was pretty much a stand-alone thing which meant it took a lot of focus away from the site itself.

This time around, the discussions are embedded with the site itself. For phase 1 these are in each of the city homepages (e.g under the ‘discussion’ tab.

All pretty simple stuff at the moment, but it’s nice and Ajaxy so doesn’t require page refreshes which will please the geeks amongst you 🙂

New topics and replies drive member update notifications for your status history too.

Future stuff will include re-editing and deleting posts, emoticons (maybe..) and a discussion homepage. Possibly embedding into other parts of the site too as it’s been written to be a fairly generic framework.

Now get posting 🙂



One final push ..

One big final thing to upgrade – the members section .. yikes.

Anyway, we’re going to go live with a limited Beta (v3.0 of the site) which will probably have read-only membership functions using the old
members data for now. Likely with a limited registration process for new members for a short period until we’re post-Beta.

Most of the other areas for this first phase are now done. Just some major testing and performance tuning.

Realistic estimate .. out in around 7 days from now (man, I’m going to regret saying that!!!). This side of Xmas. Does that sound better? It does to me!



So .. I heard an urban rumour that while I’m sweating away at the keyboard here trying to get the site to render the same in IE and Firefox (gah!) the boys had set themselves a bit of a mission. Apparently Craig has a list of 80 venues they need to take photos of (whilst presumably sampling what’s on offer inside!). Sounds like a good job to me!


Sugar Room

[update] Now that the site is well and truly alive again, Sugaroom has been updated on there (see it here). I always thought it was ‘Sugar Room’. Turns out it’s actually Sugaroom. Oops 🙂

Went to a nice restaurant the other night called The Sugar Room, which is in Pyrmont in Sydney (Australia!). Right down on the water at the end of Harris Street. It’s all become very fancy pants down that way now, quite Canary Wharfesque, minus the hoodies 🙂

Anyway, I had the barramundi, which was jolly good. Friendly service, although they stuffed up my dessert a bit, but I think that’s because it all got a bit panicky due to transport issues etc (long story). You can also just sit outside with a drink and look over the water to Balmain, which would make a pleasant afternoon start to a session IMHO.

The address is:

Sugar Room, Shop 2, 1 Harris Street, Pyrmont.

I’ll stick something on the main site (once I mend it!).


Site update

At the risk of this starting to sound like a geek blog, I thought I’d post an update on site progress.

Last night I re-created the TC database on our new server, and uploaded all the data from the previous site (reviews, venues, members etc). Seemed to go ok, although I think there’s some wacky data that needs cleaning up.

Loaded up all the site files to the web server, but by then it was getting v.late and I ran into some issues (related to the data quality I think) that i was too tired to look at 🙂 Will check that out later.

Given the old site was as good as dead anyway, I’ve just updated the DNS records to point to the new server, which means you should just get a holding page with a link to this blog from

That’s it for now. I can’t tell yet how quick the site will be once it’s up as I think I also need to change a fair bit of the crappy code on there and re-index the data. Joy!


Who says it’s all pipe and slippers?

Karim sent me an email recently. He’s working in Hong Kong at the mo (I’m sure he doesn’t mind me telling you), and it sounds ‘terrible’ 😉 … looks like a few new places to add to the site once it’s alive again!


This is what he said:

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha bonk!

Ok well this trip I’ve been to:
Red Bar (Four Seasons), Petra she was nice….
MO Bar (Mandarin Oriental)
Chater Lounge (Ritz), Glenda, she’s cute
Champagne Bar, Grand Hyatt
Stormies in Lan Kwai Fong, met Jimmy here, good view of the Fong
Armani Cafe, Bar and Night Club, nice ladies
Mes Amis, Wanchai
Dusk Til Dawn, Wanchai
Annex, LKF
Kee Club, LKF
Post 97 (and next door)
Drop, (Katherine was very friendly)
Wooloomooloo (Good restaurant and bar)
Boco (in Soho)
Tapas (in Soho)
Balaleika (vodka bar with walk in “fridge” type ice bar)
Peak Cafe (soho)
Feather Boa”

Why is the site dead/so horribly slow?

As mentioned previously we’d kind of left the site to rot, and with that meant that we, err, didn’t pay our hosting fees either (not wanting to name any names .. *CoughCraigCough*). Anyway, not unsurprisingly the hosting company didn’t feel like keeping the site up for free, and so they turned it off.

However .. the database is bizarrely still alive. So, in a moment of madness (or compassion, not sure which), I dropped the site onto a new ISP, based in Australia (where I am now) but connecting to the old database, which is somewhere in the UK. Long and short of which means … it’s alive, but runs slower than my grandfather.

Current reconstructive surgery will see everything back in a common hosting centre (in Texas this time .. my aren’t we cosmopolitan!), which should mean speed goes back to normal. At this stage phase 1 (back alive) should be this week all being well. Then follows a bunch of UI and feature updates, but they’ll probably be phased rather than a big bang relaunch (hey, those were so year 2000!).

All very exciting.


[edit: just realised that if you’ve find this via The Google or similar you might have no idea what site I’m talking about:]