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Google Mapplet

[update: this is now included in the Google Mapplet directory 🙂 which is here ]

If you’re a fan of Google maps, you may know that Google recently added the ability to include ‘Mapplets’ on your personal map page.

Basically these allow you to include other content that you may find useful, such as traffic, weather, real estate and – of course – nightlife!

We’ve created our own Thursday Club mapplet, which you can include on your own maps. If you can’t find it in the Google directory of mapplets, you can add it by entering the URL on the ‘add content’ page. The address is:

Right now the number of cities and venues is limited to a selection from the main Thursday Club site, but we’ll be adding more shortly, so you should see the list grow as you use it.

We hope you find this useful – especially when travelling or stuck in a strange land somewhere 😉

Thursday Club..

Adelaide snoozy-town

Just got back from Adelaide, which unfortunately – on a Monday night – is deader than Anna Nicole Smith. I can report that the National Wine Centre of Australia is a pretty cool place though, and they have (gasp) some really great wine 🙂

Hopefully next time will have more of a chance to check out some venues, and on a better day for it too!